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Gratitude & Giving: Keys to Living an Organized Life!

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Have you ever considered the order of the holidays? First, we are thankful for what we have on Thanksgiving and then, we give gifts at Christmas…as if to say, think about what we already have first before shopping or asking for more.

What does this have to do with organizing, you might ask? Well, LOTS!

For almost 20 years, I have been working with clients, organizing their homes, and it has taught me so much about Gratitude and Giving. As the clients pull out each item and examine everything they have accumulated over the years, they can sometimes remember who gave it to them, or where they bought it, or from whom they inherited it. However, more often than not, they have no recollection and now, it is considered clutter.

Think about your own home: do you know where you got each item? Are there things you feel like you “have” to keep it…because so-and-so may come visit and look for it? Truth is, we all have those things! Too many times, our gifts become the clutter in our homes, the donations to charity and worse, the guilt or resentment we feel.

I believe the problem is even bigger when it comes to parents of young children! Of course, it is a well-known fact that grandparents spoil their grandchildren – after all, we say, they have “earned the right!” So, they overload their children’s homes with toys, rarely stopping to think about the clutter they are causing. When I work with these young moms, they tell me how they wish they could stop the volume of stuff coming in, but they don’t want to hurt the grandparents’ feelings. At what cost? Their own sanity. Babies come with so much stuff, so these moms are already struggling to manage it all. The last thing they need is just more stuff on top of it.

Why not consider giving experiences to the grandkids instead, like a trip? It allows you to make memories with them that will last way beyond the typical battery life. Or, lessons to play the piano or dance? And cleaning (or organizing) services to that young mom, to make life easier for her?

We all want to give gifts that people will love. Ask yourself: are you giving something that will produce CLUTTER or GRATITUDE? And give wisely.

-Kim McBrayer 

Designer  | Professional Organizer  | Speaker 


5291 Valleydale Road, Suite 121

Birmingham, AL 35242, 205-368-2425

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