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Grand Monday Nights!

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Attention Grandparents! Grand Monday Nights is the newest ministry focus of Legacy Coalition, a ministry whose heart champions intentional Christ-like grandparenting. Larry Fowler, Founder of Legacy Coalition, kicked off “Grand Monday Nights” August 10 with – “Awaken: A Call to Action for Christian Grandparents.”

There is a nationwide movement of Christian grandparents embracing a new attitude in their role as grandparents.  “Just like untying a knot,” Larry stated, “Christian grandparents are faced with undoing the cultural norms of today’s grandparents.” Christian grandparents need to realign their beliefs with what the Bible has to say about their spiritual influence and increasing their efforts through prayer, example, relationships, and time! Larry cites Deuteronomy 4:9 as the ‘John 3:16’ for Grandparents. “Do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.” And is the operative word calling grandparents, along with the parent, to encourage and nurture the grandchild in the things of God.

Interestingly a parents’ influence is about 20 years. Whereas, the influence of a grandparent in the life of a grandchild can be as long as 40+ years. Consider there are 70 million grandparents today; more than any other time in our history. According to statistics, among those are 30 million Christian Grandparents! The American grandparent has an average of six grandchildren. Do the math. Christian grandparents have the opportunity to influence 180 million children. Could today’s Christian grandparent make a significant impact for Jesus Christ in our world? Without question!

Grand Monday Nights is free each Monday night at 7 p.m. Topics presented by pastors, educators, and ministry leaders will address family dynamics, grandparents raising grandchildren, long distance grandparenting, cultural issues, and more. Encouragement, practical help, and resources are offered each Monday night. You only need to register once. Reminders the day before and one hour before will be emailed to you. Register at Click here to get a taste of what future Grand Monday Nights will be like.

Another great opportunity for grandparents will be held this month. Join Legacy Coalition for Finding Hope for Today. This free, three hour on-demand webinar will headline national speakers and educators and will be available from September 17-20. Invite your friends and watch from home! Register at

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GrandLife Director at Shades Mountain Baptist Church

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