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Giving Your Child Their Best Education

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Everyone has an opinion, a strong opinion, and they’re not afraid to share it. It’s been true since before your child was born. Sleep training or co-sleeping. Disposable or cloth diapers. Bottle or breast. When it’s time for school, the debate continues. Everyone seems ready to assert their thoughts. Public, private, homeschool, tutor. What should you do? Where should you live?

How can you give your child their best education? 

  1. Make an intentional choice. Rather than defaulting to the type of education you received, prayerfully consider your plan for your child. Decide purposefully. Whatever you choose, enjoy your freedom of education options and make an intentional choice.
  2. Tailor the education to fit your unique child. Choose experiences to bless this unique person God created. Your child’s education is not merely math, science, and literature. Extra-curricular activities, family experiences, and unscheduled free time form your child’s education just as much as academics. Your family’s choices outside school will also form your child’s unique education.
  3. Help your child gain skills of learning. Every student’s education will have gaps. Rather than fear those gaps, help your child learn how to learn on their own. Skills like observation, memorization, outlining, research, and writing are learned through practice. View their assignments as opportunities to practice skills and preparation for lifelong learning.
  4. Foster learning conversations in everyday life. Think outside the typical academic box. Consider how learning is constantly occurring in daily life with your family. Your toddler learned to talk simply by listening to you. As they grow, they continue learning through every conversation with you. So be intentional. Ask questions, observe details, play games, listen.
  5. Stay involved through high school. Regardless of where you child attends school, stay involved with them all the way. Teenagers still desperately need their parents. The instruction from Proverbs to “train up a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6) is given to parents – not schools, churches or other organizations. Choose who will help you but stay involved.

Classical Conversations equips parents to meet these educational goals in a home-centered educational environment. More than 18 Classical Conversations communities serve homeschool families in the Greater Birmingham area. Communities meet once per week throughout the school year. Visit for more information.

-Aimee Smith

Homeschool mom and team leader for Classical Conversations in Trussville, Ala.

Join Aimee at where she encourages moms to cultivate victorious rest for their hearts.


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