From Christmas to Winter

From Christmas to Winter

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January… It’s always a bittersweet time to me. My heart craves simplicity, but misses the coziness of Christmas. It’s easy to feel like your home is somewhat bare after all the extras of holiday decor. How do you make that transition from Christmas to winter in your decorating? Here are five tips.

1. Keep the trees. If you’re not quite ready to clear out all of that Christmas decor, you can get by with leaving your trees up. Yep, you heard me right! Just strip those babies down bare.  Christmas trees, flocked or not, still represent winter. Therefore, it is ok to leave some up here and there.

2. Leave the green. You can also leave greenery! Greens are so beautiful during winter when most everything seems to feel so dry and cold outside. Utilize as much fresh garland and greenery as you can this season. Put them in antique containers for a unique look. Even a simple wreath will make a beautiful statement.

3. Think cozy. Although Christmas is over, winter is still meant to be cozy. Keep layers of pillows and blankets around for the space to stay warm and inviting.

4. Tone down the color. I normally have a neutral base that I add red to for Christmas. Now that winter is here, I will remove the red and think of more muted colors. Blues are a beautiful choice to blend with winter whites.

5. Twinkle is still okay. Don’t say goodbye to the twinkle lights just yet! They are ok to leave hanging all winter long. Stringed lights are especially beautiful this time of year. Fairy lights also give that perfect wintery feel.

I like to embrace every season with my decorating. Changing the decor in my home is like welcoming the freshness of each new season with open arms!

—Charlotte Evans Russell
Instagram: @CharlottesHappyHome

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