For the Love

It is an awkward truth, but I do, on occasion, read books intended for a female audience. Since I belong to a denomination which frowns on women teaching men, I’ve often questioned the wisdom of leaving my store premises without such literary works in a brown paper bag. What if I happen upon a fellow church member with a Beth Moore book in my hand? It could happen. Navigating the terrain of contemporary evangelicalism as a gentleman with broad literary taste can be a tricky business.


For the Love BOOKMy most recent encounter with such fare is the stellar new book by Jen Hatmaker. My initial motivation for reading For The Love (Thomas Nelson, $22.99) was that I was in dire need of entertainment. Hatmaker is hilarious. She can sprinkle a page wih lines that lead to smiles and laughter, even when dealing with serious issues. I’m a fan of wry humor, and Hatmaker is exceptionally gifted in wryness. Somewhere along the way, however, things went awry. The book stopped being merely fun. Embedded within the wit and humor were exhortations of substance. Hatmaker began to make some points–thoughtful, biblical, insightful, grace filled points. She urged me to cut myself and others some slack, to focus on what is right with my worldrather than what is wrong, and to engage those around me with grace and mercy. She encouraged me to love others as I wish to be loved and live in gratitude for God’s abundant gifts. For the Love has twenty-six chapters, all of which are sermons as powerful as those offered on a weekly basis by the myriad of males behind my faith community’s pulpits.

It is true that For the Love was written primarily for women. So, if you are a lady in need of encouragement in your spiritual walk, and a fan of humorous lines, then I highly recommend Hatmaker’s work. If you are a gentleman equally in need of encouragement in your spiritual walk and are also a fan of humorous lines, don’t be deterred. Stop by and pick up a copy. I can always put it in a brown bag for you. I promise not to tell anyone.



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