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For Such a Time as This

Miracle Moments


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“fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 ESV

Mike Medici as respiratory therapist
Mike Medici graduated from respiratory therapy school in December 2019 and began working at St. Vincent’s in January 2020.”I love to get up and go to work and most people can’t say that.”

“My life is absolutely a miracle. I was so far gone and hopeless. I didn’t see a future whatsoever. What I did see was death. I watched so many people die and it’s a miracle that I didn’t die myself,” says 36 year old Mike Medici whose life has transformed from being homeless with multiple addictions on the streets of Birmingham- ready to take his own life- to fighting for the lives of others as a respiratory therapist. “I believe that the Lord was preparing me for this task,” says Medici who cares for patients in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at St. Vincent’s Hospital. “I deal with a lot of sick, sick patients that are hopeless and scared. It’s so important to be able to encourage them that this life is so short and the big picture of what follows is what matters.” Caring for COVID-19 patients has been most difficult. “The family members are not allowed into the COVID-19 units so we as healthcare workers are all they have. What breaks my heart the most is when we do a zoom call with the patients and their loved ones. Just to hear them say their goodbyes to each other over a zoom call is so sad, but I get to be with these people and pray over them in their final minutes of life.”

Mike Medici and wife Crystal at their wedding
Medici and his wife Crystal married in early January and are expecting their first child in December. “I pray over my family and fellow workers daily to not contract this novel virus. I pray over my unborn child and my wife that I do not get them sick,” says Medici. “I can feel a sense of God’s protection…during these difficult times.”

So, what led to this drastic change in Medici’s life? He explains that in April of 2016 he literally cried out to God, “ ‘Please show yourself to me if you are real or otherwise, I’m ready to end it.’ I was ready to take my life.” At that point, someone suggested he walk to the Brother Bryan Mission just a few blocks away from where he was at the time. “They let me in, completely engulfed me in the word of God. The people loved on me. Through the love and discipleship, I started reading the Bible and the words jumped off the page. It was like it was written just for me.” John Chapter 1 in particular got his attention. “I had read that passage so many times but this time it really impacted my heart. It was a renewing of my mind in the Word. Being washed in the Word and renewed in the Word is the key to life- it’s our road map.” Medici lived at the mission for two and a half years, first completing the Mission’s New Life Fellowship program and then working at the mission while going to school full time. He graduated from Respiratory Therapy School at Jefferson State Community College in December of 2019 and began working at St. Vincent’s in January of this year. “The change in Mike’s life became obvious to all,” remembers Brother Bryan Executive Director Jim Etheredge who received a letter from Mike Medici’s aunt who expressed her thanks for what was taking place in Mike’s life. She wrote, “This year the Messena and Medici families are thankful to have our nephew whole.”

“The happiness that I now have is immeasurable, ” says Medici. I let God into my life. I decided to seek what He thought was right not what I thought was right.”

-Laurie Stroud

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