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Flourish in 2019: Overcome the Darkness!

Faith At Work 


In January of each year I pray for a word-a word that I can use throughout the year to pray on and encourage me in my daily walk. Several years ago, that word was Flourish-when God first laid it on my heart, I didn’t quite understand why this was the word He gave me. I continued to pray about it and eventually came across a scripture that explained so much of what this word would mean to me during that year.

Psalm 92:12, “But the Godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.”

Throughout my life I have walked through many dark trials and after coming to know Christ, I came to find that there were many women who were walking in darkness- withering with the different burdens and trials that life can throw at us. This darkness was so real, it was so evident in the lives of the women I was speaking with. Women were dealing with depression, abuse, and addictions on top of those every day stressors of being a mom, wife, being single or working a full-time job. I had been praying earnestly for God to open my eyes to His word-“But the Godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.” Without sun the trees are not able to flourish, they are not able to grow. It’s the same for you and me-when we are covered in darkness, we are not able to grow and flourish as we should in Christ. We are in the dark and not able to see His love and promises.

One commentary I read said that these palm trees were known for their long life, they would stand tall and live long. It also says that the cedars of Lebanon grew to 120 feet in height and 30 feet in circumference; thus, they were strong, solid and immovable.

Life pulls us in every direction. It hits us when we are down. It leaves us feeling uncertain at times, but one thing I know is certain– if we are placing our faith firmly in God, He will give us the strength and vitality to get through each day. Just like the cedars of Lebanon-we will grow in our walk, we will become strong, and we will begin to flourish, and our faith will then overcome whatever darkness we are walking through.

Cheryl Goss 

Founder of Connecting Ministries, host of the February 15-16 women’s conference, “Flourish” at Samford University. Featured speakers include New York Times best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs (Mine is the Night, Bad Girls of the Bible and more) and sought-after Bible teacher and speaker Lisa Harper. For more details and to register visit, www.connectingministries.org, founded to come alongside churches, organizations, and individuals, equipping and empowering them to live out God’s Word.

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