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First Impressions: Classic Iron Works

The Home Front


First impressions mean everything. No one wants to be remembered for their wet noodle handshake. Even architecture isn’t immune to the first-glance bias of which we’re all guilty. It’s hard to shake those cold, forgettable first steps onto an unoriginal property. A cookie cutter space is going to feel like oatmeal raisin in a market crowded with chocolate chip–yes, we said it. Thankfully, your home or business still has a chance to impress first-time visitors. A single wrought iron piece can elevate and enliven where you work or live with a luxurious, original look. That’s where Bob, John and Classic Iron Works come in.

Bob Cooley and John Gallagher first opened Birmingham’s Classic Iron Works in the days of VHS and dial-up. Unlike those contemporaries, Bob and John outlasted all the flips, flops and fads that defined the 90s and 00s. If you ask them for the secret to staying in business for over 25 years, they’ll tell you that a well-made product and excellent service never go out of style. With over 70 years of expertise between them, you can trust these two to deliver only the best for your space.

Classic Iron isn’t “Your Door Store” for nothing. Elegant, functional wrought iron door designs are Bob and John’s bread and butter. Not only are these pieces guaranteed to wow company or clients, but their strength lends an extra layer of security that can’t be snipped, hacked or scaled. Similarly, the Classic team marries beautiful form with wrought iron’s robustness in all their products. Applications like attractive security bars, carports, fencing, railing and driveway gates are well appointed from the curb and will stand the test of time.

Wrought iron isn’t just an ideal way to enhance residential property value. Your commercial space can benefit from a Classic touch, too! Strategically placed railing shows your clientele that you care while potentially reducing your liability. Other installations, like protective HVAC housings, can embellish and reimagine the utilitarian parts of a structure that we’ve all come to accept as eyesores.

Much like their products, Bob, John and the Classic Iron Works crew have become local fixtures of Birmingham whom you can count on for steadfast service for years to come. Pay a visit to their 1st Avenue North showroom, give them a call or visit them on the web; we guarantee you’ll be craving a Classic creation in no time! †

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