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Find the Power to Forgive- Enjoy Today and Own Tomorrow

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Let’s face it, these past few months have been a challenge for most of us when it comes to enjoying anything. We will never go back to what we thought was a normal life for ourselves. The good news is that no matter what we face we can discover the power to enjoy today and own tomorrow.

Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow Cover ArtOne of the biggest obstacles keeping us from enjoying life is harboring unforgiveness. Many of us walk around with unresolved bitterness because of the hurts that we have endured. Whether it is betrayal, assaults, bullying, or rejection, we can feel paralyzed and robbed of any positive emotions. These hurts can create a very dark season for us, but the truth is that forgiving our offenders is for our greatest benefit. Forgiveness sets us free to enjoy today, every day.

How do we forgive others? In my latest book, Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow, we unpack the process of forgiveness in a three-step process.

1. Reconnect. In order to reconnect with God through all our hurts, we must resist our natural urge to run away from God and run to God. Really reconnect with God by opening the door to trust Him deeper. Open your heart and connect with God today.

2. Realign with God. We need to take our brokenness to God and then realign our hearts with His heart. We simply ask God to clean out our hearts, so that we may have a heart more like His. When we are able to do this, we are then able to clean out any spaces filled with negative emotions and create space with a heart for God and His truths. We are one step closer to our goal!

3. Reactivate. This is the essential component for forgiveness to be fully recognized. It is through reactivating the power within us and moving through God’s power so that we can forgive. It is not natural for us to forgive violators, bullies, or betrayers. It takes the supernatural, the inner power of God that lives within us to be able to let go of offenses and be set free.

When we reconnect to God, realign our hearts with God, and then reactivate the power of God within us, healing is experienced. Let’s move on to live the life we love, enjoying every day free from our hurts!

Laine Lawson Craft HeadshotLaine Lawson Craft

Author of Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow, available wherever books are sold.

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