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Family Fun with American Village

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Family Fun with Pirates, Spies and Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride!

<em>Summer admission at the American Village is only $5 (Tues.-Sat. thru July 29).</em>
Summer admission at the American Village is only $5 (Tues.-Sat. thru July 29).

This past election year brought about tremendous political and social tension. In this time of heightened partisanship and feuding, our country cannot hide its disunity. Still, there are places that promote patriotism and unity that we can view as beacons of hope, including The American Village in Montevallo. The Village did not halt its operations or surrender during this tumultuous year. Rather, the organization’s historians, writers, and actors have created and produced a one of a kind summer program that interactively promotes citizenship and is designed for all ages. You may meet some of Blackbeard’s pirates or partake in Paul Revere’s historic midnight ride; change the course of history and spy for the Continental Army.

All the American Village’s activities center around getting people involved in history. Each visitor participates in re-enacting history, adopting a temporary participatory role in shaping America. This unique experience goes deeper than the text of a book or a long lecture. The program places each person in a specific moment. Each visitor will find themselves with historic characters in a replica building from America’s founding era. In a sense, passing through the gates into the American Village is entering a modern time machine.

Costumed historical interpreters at the American Village bring to life our country’s revolutionary history. They re-enact moments when farmers put down their plows and took up arms to defend liberty, when a new nation was born, and when freedom rang true for the first time. No matter the story or season, the American Village promotes patriotism.

The American experiment has survived and thrived for hundreds of years. As we celebrate Independence Day this month, the American Village’s summer program is sure to encourage you to take up your civic duty and be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy. Let freedom ring for America’s past, present, and future. Bring your kids to the American Village any Tuesday through Saturday from 10-4 until July 29th to experience Celebrate America! Or join the American Village July 4th from 11:30 to 9:00 p.m. for red, white and blue family-friendly Independence Day fun, food and fireworks! Let freedom ring,

-Abby Holcombe


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