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While knee deep in successful business ventures, we found ourselves merely surviving and wanting more. We began to see that no amount of money or achievement led to true fulfillment. Rather, the way from surviving to thriving is through living in unity with God, Family, and Mission. Being a Kingdom Builder isn’t about the size of our net worth or an elite status that needs to be obtained before God can use us. It’s about being intentional with what God has already given us to steward. And at the top of that list is family.

As my wife and I began to adjust our focus and direct our funds toward eternal causes, we learned that leaving a generation of wealth was nothing compared to leaving a generation of faith. We asked tough questions like: why is it so easy to invest hours in the corporate world and are we applying that same work ethic for our family? How can we instill the right values in a productive way?

Since the world will entice us to value what it does, we knew we had to intentionally pursue, discuss, and evaluate our family’s mission. George Barna writes in his book Revolutionary Parenting, “when it comes to raising our children, Americans have created a matrix of measurements based upon what our society defines to be significant. We gather the raw data for those indices based upon the best information we are able to capture from the ever-present, omniscient mass media.”

If we aren’t applying intentional effort toward living with mission, Tik Tok and Instagram will happily dictate our focus. Our families’ “success” will be defined by what the world determines as significant. But if we can focus on things that have eternal value, we will be able to leave a legacy instead of a dynasty.  

In a typical start of a new year, we assess goals and implement new habits. But in 2021 we’ve also been given the silver lining of refocusing on what matters. It’s a great time to sit down with our families (in person or via Zoom) and have productive conversations around mission, purpose, and values. And you know what’s encouraging? It’s never too late. No matter the state of your family, age of your children, whether it’s blended or broken or feels hopeless- there is always a starting point. All it takes for families to grow closer is intentionality and a roadmap. After years of doing a deep dive into our family’s mission, we’ve developed a resource called “The Family Meeting Guide.” It lays out steps for families to walk through the life-changing process of defining and reaffirming values, establishing a shared vision, overcoming challenges and fears, and setting out on a mission to fulfill all God has created us to do both individually and as a family.

An effective family meeting may start really small, but it will grow as you practice. Don’t be afraid to stumble your way through and find what feels comfortable. What’s important is that families start living with Mission together. you got this! You can find more info about The Family Meeting Guide at

Lee Domingue Head Shot-Lee Domingue 

Legacy Pastor, Church of the Highlands,

Founder, Kingdom Builders,

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