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Faith-Filled Bedtime Books for Children

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Reading books at bedtime is a win-win. You’re opening the wonderful world of books to the minds of your littles while slowing them down with snuggles to prepare for sleep. Introducing a new pair of books that impart faith into the hearts of your children during this precious time together, Bedtime with Mommy along with its brand-new companion Bedtime with Daddy, are wonderful additions to your bedtime routine.

Bedtime with Daddy Cover
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Both books feature animal babies around the world with their parent tucking them into bed. From babies to toddlers (and even bigger ones, too!) kids will identify with their favorite animal pairs. Bedtime with Mommy includes elephants on the grasslands, pandas in the bamboo forest, and camels in the desert. Bedtime with Daddy features penguins in Antarctica, peacocks in the bushland, and reindeer on the tundra. And more!

These animal mommies and daddies sing hymns, read the Bible, and pray with their young ones as they say goodnight. Each book even features the parent praying a blessing over their child. As your children hear these prayers and blessings read to them, they’re sent off to sleep knowing their parent loves them and so does God. Isn’t that a wonderful way to say goodnight to your child? Another benefit of these adorable, padded board books is that they give examples to young parents of ways to impart a foundation of faith and prayer into the hearts of the next generation. As they see animal mommies and daddies taking time to pray and read the Bible and sing a hymn together with their little ones at bedtime, they’ll be inspired to do the same.

Bedtime with Mommy Cover
Bedtime with Mommy is a great addition to your bedtime routine with your child.

The final pages of each book show a real mommy or daddy tucking their child into bed. With snuggles and hugs and kisses in these books showing them sending their little ones off to bed, there will be lots of love shared with your own child as you read the books together. Bedtime with Mommy and its companion Bedtime with Daddy are delightful new additions to every family’s bedtime routine!

-Nancy I. Sanders

Award winning author of over 100 children’s books 


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