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Actions Speak Louder than Words: Michael S. Anglin, DDS


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Dr. Michael Anglin, DDS began serving children in our community 23 years ago, specializing in pediatric and adolescent dentistry. Observing his Hoover practice, I noticed right away he is not what you would describe as a routine dentist- seeing a succession of patients whereby little attention is given to each individual patient. When a parent and child walk through the doors of Dr. Anglin’s practice, they are met with more than just professional dental care. He explains that early in his career, it was the wisdom of a child that showed him how he could make a difference spiritually in the lives of others. “When I was in a Bible study early in my practice I was unsure about how my profession would allow me to reach people,” Anglin said. “One of the kids [I treat] happened to be in the study and claimed the way I treat people and talked to them, God was speaking through me.”

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Erin Nelson, DMD joined the Hoover practice of Michael Anglin, DDS in order for the practice to care of the dental health for entire families. The practice recently added new, spacious patient/family areas.

As the son of serviceman Dr. Anglin grew up all over the world. “I was moving somewhere new every three to four years and you have to adapt to your surroundings,” Anglin said. “I learned to meet people where they are and I became a better rounded person.” One way Anglin has successfully combined the experiences of his military past, with his passion for reaching today’s youth, is his annual Halloween Candy Buy Back. He points out that within a month after Halloween almost every dentist sees an increase in decay and broken teeth. “What we do is we pay kids a dollar per pound of candy they bring in after Halloween and box it up to send to servicemen overseas,” Anglin said. The Halloween Candy Buy Back impacts not only the kids who are helping their oral health but also communicates to troops their service is appreciated.

Healthy Living Anglin_New Adult Lab IMG_3540Dr. Anglin cherishes the moments he has with patients and has a hard time seeing them out grow his age parameters so Dr. Erin Nelson, DMD joined his practice in 2012 to treat adult patients. “I really felt I had to figure out something for my older patients so I invited Dr. Nelson to join me in 2012,” Anglin said. “Now I can say hello and check in with how a family is doing because they are still in the same building.”

Anglin emphasizes how thankful he is that God has called him to serve the dental needs of individuals in our community and share his love for Christ.

-Brian Hill


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