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Face Masks with Faith

Faith at Work

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Protect yourself and your family with Face Masks with Faith while also sharing a message of hope with those you encounter.

Birmingham native Iris Morgan saw a need and continues to fill it. After the opening of her salon on Highway 280 was delayed due to COVID-19, she decided to start making cloth masks to generate income and spread hope in her community. Scripture is sewn onto most of the masks she makes. She embroiders roughly 30-50 masks a day and because of the demand, she decided to outsource the making of masks to other local women. “I thought if I could put Scripture on them, it would get the Word out. To me, it’s a statement of faith,” Morgan adds, “People will have to look at the Scripture and go look it up since not everyone knows what that Scripture verse says. The masks are a witness and that is the purpose.” Because of social distancing, it can be harder to share our faith with people, but Morgan believes masks with statements of faith are a great way to share the hope we have.

The main Scripture Morgan embroiders on her masks is Psalm 91. Other verses include John 3:16, Isaiah 35:4, Luke 12:25 and Isaiah 41:10. Morgan offers masks for children as well and she often embroiders statements of faith including “Jesus loves me” and “Child of God.” Morgan desires to donate as many masks as possible. Her team has already donated more than 70 masks to the Pediatric Unit at Children’s of Alabama for nurses, doctors, and patients and plans to donate more. Face Masks with Faith has also given more than 200 masks to local nursing homes and are working with the City of Birmingham to provide masks for any City employee that needs one. In addition, Morgan’s team has given more than 6,000 yards of elastic to local churches so they can make masks, as well. Morgan shares that each mask purchase allows them to donate more.

Morgan’s hope and prayer during this time is that “More people will turn to God. More people will pray. More people will realize this is the time to get closer to God and if they don’t know Him, that they will come to know Him and give their lives to Him.” To learn more and order Face Masks with Faith, visit

-Melissa Armstrong  

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