Experience God’s Provision: Watch Him Work!

There is a phrase I heard a few weeks ago that resonated within my heart: “Provision Follows Obedience.”


To be honest, I don’t remember who said it or where the words originated, but the phrase itself has stuck with me. Take a moment, and let those three words sink into your heart and mind. Provision…Follows…Obedience. If God has called you to do something, He will provide the means to do it.

Our son, Brodie, said something that really fits this theme in the clearest of ways. “Imagine God saying to you, ‘You ask too small. Watch Me!’” Now let’s take the two thoughts and put them into one. “Because you have been obedient in what I’ve asked you to do, I will provide for you. Don’t think too small. Watch Me work!”

Forty years ago, God called our family to build Big Oak Ranch. We listened and followed, thus He has provided in abundance. In the beginning, we only saw the Boys’ Ranch. We never envisioned the Girls’ Ranch or Westbrook Christian School – obviously, we were thinking too small.

God is still in the business of big miracles, as well as small ones. I simply suggest that you listen, obey, trust, and don’t think too small. Then, watch Him work! I promise you will go far beyond anything you ever imagined. Experience God’s provision today simply because of your obedience. Watch Him work!

bringing out the winner John Croyle headshot 2015-John Croyle
Executive Director, Big Oak Ranch
Author, Who You Are/ Defying the Circumstances that Define Us, Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child, The Two Minute Drill to Manhood, and Raising a Princess, www.bigoak.org.

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