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8 Principles to Blessing in 2017


To me the greatest sermon preached was Jesus’ “sermon on the mount,” recorded in Matthew 5, 6 and 7. It begins with Matthew 5:1-12, referred to as “the beatitudes.” This passage could also be entitled, “Eight Principles to Blessing.” Let’s take a look at these 8 principles:

  1. “Blessed are the poor in spirit . . .” Matt. 5:3. Those who are lacking (poor) in arrogance; not boastful or conceited; having an honest self-evaluation and proper view of themselves.
  2. “Blessed are those who mourn …” Matt. 5:4. Those who experience genuine sorrow for their sin; taking responsibility for their action and acknowledging their need for repentance.
  3. “Blessed are the gentle (meek) . . .” Matt. 5:5. This refers to being in control under pressure and responding in a kind manner. Meekness can be defined as power under control.
  4. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness . . .” Matt. 5:6. Those who are truly motivated to strive for what is Godly, right and true.
  5. “Blessed are the merciful . . .” Matt. 5:7. This refers to having a forgiving spirit, giving the benefit of the doubt and offering a second chance.
  6. “Blessed are the pure in heart . . .” Matt. 5:8. Those who have wholesome intentions, unselfish ambitions and clarity of focus.
  7. “Blessed are the peacemakers . . .” Matt. 5:9. Those who seek and strive for peace and tranquility are willing to make amends and put others first. For them peace with God is a priority and necessity.
  8. “Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness . . .” Matt. 5:10. This refers to those suffering injustice, wrongly accused and/or punished without cause.

Honoring and adhering to these eight principles will lead to God’s blessing. May I encourage you to incorporate them into your goals for 2017 and years to come.

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Celebrating 26 Years of Service as Exec. Director, Jimmie Hale Mission


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