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Do Your Investments Align With Your Values?

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Birmingham’s OneAscent recently announced the launch of OneAscent Wealth Management, a financial planning firm serving clients who want to ensure that their investments align with their values. OneAscent Wealth works with clients to identify industries from which they do not wish to profit. They then use proprietary tools to check 401Ks, mutual funds, and stocks to analyze the client’s current investment strategy. OneAscent Wealth Management provides a unique opportunity for clients who desire a disciplined investment process while remaining aligned with their values.

About OneAscent. OneAscent’s mission was established by its Founder and CEO, Harry Pearson, a financial planner and wealth manager with more than 24 years of experience. Pearson is a native of Baton Rouge, LA, and an active Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church member. He saw a need for a company that could deliver the values-aligned investing strategy only available from a handful of boutique firms as well as the tools, resources, and operational excellence provided by large corporate firms. “We are committed to helping our clients live well and finish well,” said Pearson. “We see investment strategies in the light of stewardship, so we help our clients begin with the end in mind.”

OneAscent Wealth also announced two key positions in the Birmingham office. Hays Latimer will serve as Senior Lead Advisor. Latimer specializes in designing custom solutions based on each client’s values and goals. Lisa Matthews, a CPA, will serve as a Client Service Specialist. Latimer and Matthews have more than two decades of combined experience working with Pearson on investment strategy and client services. “We take time to build a relationship with the whole family,” said Mathews. “When we involve both the financially oriented spouse and the one that is not as interested in finances, we see families unifying around finances. Something that used to be a source of strife becomes a source of harmony.”

Mutual Funds: A Black Box. Mutual funds have been a black box for years, providing limited insight into the industries and companies they are invested in. OneAscent Wealth identifies mutual funds invested in companies that profit from activities that don’t align with many investor’s values, such as abortion, pornography, tobacco, and gambling. This empowers investors to adjust their strategies to align with their values.

special feature OneAscent Wealth Dark Blue BGThe OneAscent Process. OneAscent utilizes a proprietary tool found at This tool is available to anyone who would like to analyze their current investment strategy. They also work with each client to identify their “money style” to understand money and stewardship perspectives. This informs conversations with advisors exploring the client’s current financial situation and the most important issues. OneAscent hosts seminars and workshops for groups and churches to share sound financial principles and teach about values-based investing.

Do Your Values Align? OneAscent Wealth is committed to helping its clients “live well and finish well” by aligning their planning, investment, and stewardship decisions with what they value most. To find out more about financial planning and values-based investing, visit or use the free evaluation tool to see if your investments align with what you value most! †


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