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During this popular time of buying and selling homes, do you need a home inspection performed? Do you have concerns about having a home inspection during the pandemic? Tony Ponder of Higher Ground Inspections, LLC explains that even though the essence of home inspections is the same, the way they are currently conducted have been altered. “We now wear shoe covers, gloves, and masks when entering an occupied home; whether the homeowner is there or not.” He adds that there has not been a decrease in home inspections since the pandemic began.

Home Inspection
Tony Ponder, owner of Higher Ground Inspections, LLC, shares that during a home inspection, expect inspectors to turn on all of the lights and fans, open windows and cabinet doors, run water in the tubs, sinks, and showers, and more.

Preparation. There are things you can do to help your home inspector before they arrive.  “Make sure the inspector has access to the water heater, electrical panels, HVAC equipment, and crawlspace or attic entries,” says Ponder explaining home inspectors need a clear path to these spaces. Another way you can help the home inspection go smoothly is by leaving your home. “If the inspector has to work around you, then it takes longer for the inspection,” Ponder says, adding that if there are any codes or keys required for any doors, be sure to leave them for the inspector.

Are there common issues that home inspectors find? Ponder shares that the homeowners he serves are often surprised by how many issues he finds- big and small. Most of the issues are things homeowners do not consider, such as a damper stop on a fireplace. “When the damper isn’t opened, you get a buildup of carbon monoxide.” Even though it’s a small item that is a cheap fix, Ponder has seen that most homeowners don’t know about it.

 What do home inspectors look for? “Safety issues and big-ticket items. Items that could cause harm or injury to both the body and the wallet,” Ponder says. Examples include old HVAC equipment, water heaters, or roofs.

Higher Ground Inspections primarily performs residential home inspections, but they also perform radon testing and light commercial inspections up to 50,000 square feet. Ponder serves Jefferson County and surrounding counties, but can travel statewide if needed. Learn more by calling  205-937-3100 or visiting www.highergroundinspections.com.

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