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Do Money Different: New Tool for 2021

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Do you know someone that struggles with managing money, budgeting, or finances in general?

We do too…a LOT of them, actually. We built a brand new resource, Do Money Different, for those people…the “I’ll get around to it someday” people and the “I’ll never be good at this” people. I actually used to be one of those people myself, which is why I wrote Do Money Different. 

After teaching financial stewardship through Crown Ministries for the past 11 years, I wanted to create something uniquely designed for young adults who are currently struggling with these very concepts. However, it needed to be a curriculum that would not ask them to change the way they were designed, but instead teach them how to implement methods that work for them

Do Money DifferentMy team has worked for the past three years to create an engaging, groundbreaking curriculum with this age group in mind. Do Money Different is a subscription-based, online course experience written for young adults learning how to live independently, some maybe for the first time. We hired a first-class video production team to create six engaging and informative modules of content teaching concepts like: understanding my relationship with money, learning to track spending, creating a personalized budget, getting out of debt, and starting to save. We also cover more detailed topics such as: understanding your pay stub, building an emergency fund, living on a variable income, avoiding loan traps, leasing a car, and much, much more. We have set up the course to be comfortably completed within a 3-4 month time frame, but the subscription is month to month and can be stopped at any time.

If you’ve tried to have money conversations with your young adult, and it didn’t go over so well, we understand your pain because we’ve been there, too. We’d love to help you bridge the gap! Do Money Different can be experienced from the comfort of home and with any demanding schedule. Banking isn’t like it was 15 years ago…we all know that. If you are looking for a new way to teach solid money management concepts in a fresh way that will finally resonate, it’s time for your young adults to Do Money Different. Learn more at www.domoneydifferent.com.

Catherine Brown-Catherine Brown 

Area Director-Crown Ministries

Birmingham, Ala.





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