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Make Dining In Like Dining Out with Edolyn’s Homemade Pies!


screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-9-20-30-pmChristmas time is the best time ever for a big ole piece of delicious, homemade sweet potato pie. So wow your family this year, by ordering and serving up one or more of Edolyn’s Homemade Pies. Dr. Angelyn Ramsey created this Birmingham start up using her 30 plus year family recipe and a dream of someday carrying on her family legacy of baking pies as a full time career. Let me tell you, Edolyn’s raw sweet potato mix is just as good as her cooked pies! I couldn’t resist licking the spoon and the bowl! Once her sweet potato pie cooled, it was heavenly from the first bite to the last. It had just the right amount of sweetness inside a perfect pie crust. Her ingredients are simple, but taste gourmet.

Comedienne Joy gives a thumbs up for Edolyn’s Homemade Pies! Made with love in Birmingham, Ala., place your pie order today at www.edolynspies.com.

If you prefer a little bit of zest, go all out this year with Edolyn’s Lemon Chess Pie. It has the same consistency as the Sweet Potato Pie, but is full of fresh squeezed lemon flavor with a buttery crunch. America’s favorite is obviously sweet potato, but I’m very partial to pecan pie during the holidays and Edolyn’s Pecan Pie made me do my happy dance! Chopped pecans laying in thepie filling made each bite of the pie taste like heaven on earth. I almost felt guilty for inhaling the entire 4 inch pie by myself, but I remembered pecans are in the nut/protein category and we cannot have too much protein- right!?  

Edolyn’s Homemade Pies come in two sizes: 4 inch and 9 inch and are easy to order on line at www.edolynspies.com or email edolynspies@gmail.com. Let Angelyn Ramsey and her team at Edolyn’s help you enjoy more time with your family and less time in the kitchen this Christmas. Your family is sure to be pleased with this holiday treat!

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