An adult buck deer standing at attention during the Wisconsin deer rut.

Deer Season Check List

The Great Outdoors


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October 15, 2022 is opening day for bow hunting, which means it’s time for the final stages of getting your fields finished and stands placed. It’s also time to get your gun sighted in, and Mark’s Outdoors offers a free sight in with the purchase of two boxes of Hornady rifle ammunition. Before heading out, make a hunting checklist to ensure your first trip to the woods is safe and successful.

Great Outdoors Marks Deer Call Extinguisher IMG 5153
The Extinguisher ($19.99) is the Mark’s Outdoors Staff #1 Pick in Deer Calls.

√ License. First and foremost, make sure you have a current Alabama hunting license. If you are a license exempt hunter, meaning you are over the age of 65 or under the age of 16, you will still need a Hunter Exempt License Privilege (HELP) number. Your license or HELP number can be obtained in-store at Mark’s, or online at Anytime you are hunting, have your hunting license readily available.

√ First time Firearm Buyers. We are prepared to help all, new and old, firearm customers. Purchasing a firearm can be a difficult process but we will make it as easy as can be. We have great inventory to choose from and want you to feel protected at home and wherever you go! Let us help you with your first purchase. We are service with a smile!

Great Outdoors Marks Deer Scent Attractants IMG 5141
A wide selection of deer scent attractants are available this season and at Mark’s, ranging in price from $5 to $30.

√ New Rules. The 2019-2020 whitetail hunting season has changed its view on baiting deer. It is now legal t bait deer in Alabama with any type of attractant such as corn, rice bran, salt licks and any other aftermarket attractants. We have invested heavily in Backwoods Attraction and all the products they offer to bring the deer closer to you! MAKE A NOTE! You will have to purchase a baiting permit to use these attractants if you plan to hunt with the product in the field. The permit is $15 and can be competed at Mark’s outdoors or at home.

As always, if there is anything you need to get ready for the season, call or stop by to see the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Mark’s Outdoors. Happy hunting!

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