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Decorating the Seasonal Table

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Our House Decorating the Seasonal Table Charlottes Happy Home Nov 20 pumplins diningThe Basics. One of my favorite things to do is seasonal tablescapes. I love the statement they make to a room. Although the statement is grand, the task can be quite simple. Just start with the basics! First, I like to gather my inspiration pieces. This year, I’m all about the pumpkins! I love purchasing real pumpkins because they have so much character. For this project (and every really), I thought about different shapes, textures and colors. Tip. Don’t be afraid to move those pumpkins around when decorating different spaces. They may be on my patio one day and my table the next. It’s basically “pumpkins go ‘round” this time of year in my home! I also pulled some outdoor branches and huge fake gourds to add to my centerpiece.

The Layering. Now that I have my inspiration pieces gathered, its time to put them all together. I always have layering on my mind when decorating. I’m a huge fan of cozy, and layering always seems to do the trick! As a base, I used a neutral table runner that added instant contrast and coziness to my white farm table. I then started stacking the pumpkins from the middle working my way out. I do this to create balance to the eye. To add interest to the look, I decided to use a large vintage round bread board to separate the largest pumpkin from the table runner. This also created balance by adding the same brown color as the gourds that I would later put on the outer edges of the centerpiece. This wooden bread board instantly added warmth and you guessed it, another layer! Note. Wood tones always add warmth to a space because of their warm color. To give it that finished look, I added warm green branches to the base of the pumpkins. I also added brown gourds to the outer ends of the centerpiece to give it a bit more balance and warmth. Why so much warmth? Well, its Fall and Fall screams warm and cozy to me! Also, I have a white table with some white chairs, so warmth is definitely needed to cozy up the space!

-Charlotte Evans Russell

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