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Curb Appeal… Is It Really Important?

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Selling a home can be very taxing, but the final touches you do are what cause your home to stand out beyond your competition and sell for top dollar. Curb appeal is crucial for a first impression, so get your gloves, wheelbarrow, spade, pressure washer, and joyful spirit ready! Remember, the effort you put in it is what you should expect to get out of it.

Backyard with PlantsThink “clean edges” with everything and it will help as you prepare to sell. You’ll want the edges of your yard and natural areas to be clearly defined and edges of concrete meeting your lawn to be crisp. Regardless of whether you have a large or small lot, give it purpose and take away the distractions. Do you have old worn-out play equipment? Either spruce it up with new boards, pressure wash, or paint… or get rid of it. Remember, you are not running a daycare center- toys outside that feel unattended will take away a fresh feel and also show a lack of storage. Do you have parts of a birdbath missing or other miscellaneous items lying around? Get rid of them because you will not want the clutter at your new home.

Julie loves instant gratification and pressure washing scratches that itch of hers. If you do not own one, try renting one. It will be worth the investment once your potential buyers see the results when your driveway, sidewalk, steps, and deck go from grungy to gleaming. 

Julie and I both love working outside and using our green thumbs. In matters of selling, tidy up beds by pulling weeds and getting rid of dead plants. Also, consider adding pops of color in pots by the front door, window boxes (if you have them), and edges of landscaped beds.   

The importance of curb appeal can never be underestimated. Take advantage of the beautiful weather May brings before it gets too hot by pulling weeds, planting flowers, installing pine straw, and pressure washing. After all, the best thing about curb appeal is you will appreciate your efforts whether you are selling or not.

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