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Cool Stuff Audra Reagan -Interweaving Vitality 2011
Interviewing Vitality, 2011

 If you’re the kind of person who has drawn many a blank stare to art, or has ever wondered what occurs inside the mind of an artist, you may want to keep reading. Some art is visually appealing, some conceptual and abstract, but all art is fundamentally an expression of its creator. Just as the earth and the wonders of humanity display the splendor of God, art tells the story of its maker. As an artist, sharing a personal story through artwork, however, is often a difficult task.

Cool Stuff Audra Reagan - Peace 2011
Peace draws from the scripture Isaiah 42:16, as a reminder that God often leads us by ways we have not known to gain His perspective and peace.

Throughout six years of training at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, my wise teachers often asked me to confront challenging questions.Who am I? How should I express myself through my art? And what do I even want to say anyway? Questions like these were preparation for senior year, when all assignments and guidelines vanished. Such freedom was thrilling, yet forced me to search deeply for my own artistic voice. I was desperate to find this voice ASAP because I would need to fill an entire gallery wall with my artwork at the end of the year. I endured months of frustration and little success attempting to portray the process of finding freedom through overcoming difficulties. But I was trying to convey a message void of my personal experience. Early in the spring, I finally discovered that a message means little if my own story is not incorporated. Interweaving Vitality shares my experience of finding freedom through a relationship with God, based on daily communication and the importance of being transparent with Him and those around me.

Cool Stuff Audra Reagan - Artist Head Shot
Birmingham native Audra Reagan attended Davidson College as the sole recipient of a competitive art scholarship and graduated with honors. This month she will journey to London to pursue an internship in service design consulting. The money she raises from art sales will fund her travel to London.

Continued years of art making have affirmed that expressing my artistic voice is a constantly evolving process. While my pieces address a broadening range of topics, the voice I discovered in high school still shines through each. Peace draws from the scripture Isaiah 42:16, as a reminder that God often leads us by ways we have not known to gain His perspective and peace. Non-People Interactions highlights the disturbing lack of connection among people in public spaces, such that we can be too self-consumed to notice even the person in front of us. I hope that my work inspires you to glance at life in new light, if even for a moment, and to discover the power in sharing your voice.

-Audra Reagan 

Mixed-media Artist, Designer & Musician

Visit to view more of her work.


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