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Christmas Matters CoverAuthors Katy Shelton and Anna Nash go way back. Soon after they were born in Birmingham, their mothers connected and Anna’s mother led Katy’s mother to Jesus. Katy and Anna became childhood friends, high school friends, and college roommates. Many years later, they found themselves at that empty-nest, middle stage in life and they both wanted more. They didn’t want to settle down or retire, they wanted to start over, to begin anew. They wanted to make a difference.

Anna founded a ministry called Beacon People and Katy discovered a new passion for writing and editing. That’s when their lives once again merged. Anna needed an editor for Beacon People, Katy needed to hone her new skills, and so the collaboration began. In 2016, a beautiful and meaningful working partnership was born. 

Katy Shelton and Anna Nash
Authors Katy Shelton and Anna Nash both still live in the Birmingham area with their families.

Fast forward a few years to a new idea for a project: a book intended to help place focus on Jesus—His birth, His life, His death, and His resurrection—at Christmastime. Anna accepted Katy’s challenge, they began writing, and that’s how their devotional Christmas Matters – How the Birth of Jesus Makes a Difference Every Day was born. The book parallels the 24 chapters in the gospel of Luke with the 24 days in December leading to Christmas. Their greatest desire was simply to help others focus on the Savior, the Messiah, during Christmas and beyond. 

Katy and Anna welcome you to join them on an exciting and inspiring journey this December as they celebrate Jesus’ birth and rejoice in His resurrection, and also this Spring as their series continues with Easter Matters – How the Resurrection of Jesus Changes You. Come discover how Jesus can make a difference in your life today and every day. †

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