Christmas Gift Idea for Kids: Rivers Overseas

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Best Books Rivers Overseas Cover
Rivers Overseas and more available from NewHopePublishers.com or your favorite retailer.

Meet Rivers. Take an incredible journey with the loveable and adorable puppy Rivers as heBest Books Meet Rivers travels overseas with his adoptive dad. Rivers, through his own journey, experiences the world through God’s eyes and finds joy in God’s faithfulness as he encounters new people, places, and things. A delightful story of adventure and learning to love something new. Colorful illustrations make this a must-read for young children who are just forming their understanding of love in action and different cultures. Birmingham natives Sarah Nunnally and her husband felt led to sell everything they owned and move across the world. With luggage in hand, and a happy goldendoodle trotting behind, they jumped cultures and continents to a new home overseas. Despite all they sacrificed, the journey proved to be full of purpose. Sarah still resides internationally with her husband and their dog, Rivers.Best Books NewHopeKidz Logo







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