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Balance Sheets Leave Off the Most Valuable Assets…

It is amazing what you can learn just by being interested and in the moment. Over time, it seems as if you pick up a wealth of insights you wish you could have had when you started on this adventure called life.  But, as they say, you must live and learn. As a young professional business woman stepping into the world of middle management, a one-day seminar caught my eye on How to Get Along with Difficult People. That just about summed it up…Everyone was Difficult…except yours truly, so I was off to see the Wizard and learn how to help others get along. I was in for a rude awaking.  

I was quickly introduced to my difficult behavior, as we came to learn in the seminar that all people are wrapped up Differently by the Great Designer. This is what makes us all Difficult, as we see life through differing lens, varied experiences, and with our very own God given different personalities. As people see life differently than we do, they are not bad or uncompromising, but just bent by God into a unique way to understand, relate and see this world. We should always Celebrate the Differences as it takes all of us rowing in the same direction to reach our destination in the timeliest and energy efficient manner.    

With this newfound knowledge, reading about people became a fascination. With such a thirst for learning, there was no reason to let all the reading go to waste, so it quickly turned into a Masters in Christian Counseling. Team building, coaching, mentoring, negotiating, conflict resolutions, tough conversations, somehow began to materialize as God opened my eyes to the fact that PEOPLE are the REAL ASSETS that belong on a company’s Balance Sheet.  

Accounting for Profits exists to help small to mid-sized firms reach their potential in Profits and Excellence, creating a culture of diversified, yet unified, individuals, all working toward the same goals, while Honoring God in seeking His Promised Abundance.

-Joanie Gable 

Currently working on a Doctorate in Business Entrepreneurship

Founder, Accounting for Profits, Inc.


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