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Birmingham’s Dwayne Thompson was looking for a second job to supplement his income. He never expected to start his own business.

Big Daddy BBQ Sauce's Dwayne Thompson
Dwayne Thompson is the creator of Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce. A native of New Orleans, Birmingham became his new home after Hurricane Katrina. His sauce is available at many area grocers including Piggly Wiggly as well as and

After receiving several comments encouraging him to bottle and sell his BBQ sauce, Thompson started praying for God to reveal His plan. Doors opened and Thompson reflects that the process to getting his BBQ sauce, Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce, on shelves was “all God. Everything was in tune.” After successfully bottling his sauce, he went on to create Big Daddy BBQ Sauce, LLC, which is designed to help other sauce makers get in the market. “I formed it with the intention to be a blessing to somebody in the future,” Thompson adds.

Thompson’s goal as a business owner is to give back. “I developed a sauce that gives back to fallen police officers,” Thompson explains, adding that a portion of proceeds from each bottle goes to a fund that makes it possible for him to go and feed police officers after tragedy strikes. When COVID-19 began, he fed the Birmingham police and fire departments for free. He also periodically feeds the homeless community in Birmingham. “My business is my ministry” is the mantra Thompson lives by. “You might get prayer with your free sandwich. Whatever the Lord leads me to do,” Thompson says. His faith carried him throughout the process of starting his business and he adds that as he looks back, he believes that, “God always reminds you in tangible ways that He has you in mind.” Since his journey as a business owner began four years ago, Thompson has gone on to become a personal chef and establish Big Daddy Sauces and Catering LLC.

You can find bottles of Big Daddy BBQ Sauce locally at Green Acres Downtown Birmingham, Vineyard Groceries, Griskey’s Meat Market, Piggly Wiggly, and Allsouth Appliance. In addition, you can order bottles on and Fans of Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce can join the Facebook group called “bomblievers” to stay connected. You can also click here for a delicious boston butt recipe from Dwayne Thompson.

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