Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child

Building Great Memories


 “Family: Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories.” Author Unknown

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 9.11.28 PMOur children and their mates have given my wife Tee and I five awesome grandsons, ranging in age from 2 to 12 years old. Just the other night, we had all five of them at our home. We are so truly blessed!

One of their favorite games to play at our house is hide and seek. They think it is so much fun when “Memo” and “Poppy” chase them through the house. Although we both are so much slower than we used to be, it is still one of our most fun times together with our grandchildren. Sometimes we will turn out all of the lights and give the children who are “it” a flashlight. They are so funny creeping quietly through the dark house waiting for us to jump from our hiding places. We love to hear them squeal with excitement!

We sometimes get caught up in the misconception that the more money we spend, the more fun our children and grandchildren will have. This is simply not the case, and sometimes it is the direct opposite. A family game night at home is going to have a much bigger impact and make many more memories for your children than going out to eat and to a movie.  Your bank account will thank you! Or try taking a hike with your kids, and see how much fun they have – and don’t be surprised at how much you love it too!

You don’t have to spend a penny to make memories with your children and grandchildren.  Start building a lifetime of memories today!


John Croyle, Founder, Big Oak Ranch 

Author, Who You Are/Defying the Circumstances that Define Us, Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child, The Two Minute Drill to Manhood and Raising a Princess,


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