Bringing Out The Winner In Your Child

The Wisdom of a 5 Year Old


Our son Brodie and his wife Kelli have two precious little boys, Sawyer and Luke. Recently, Sawyer celebrated his 5th birthday. He was so proud that it was his day. I wish you could have seen his face as the whole family sang happy birthday to him. Ecstatic excitement doesn’t begin to explain the joy in his smile

Bringing out the Winner June 16 Sawyer Croyle Pic
5 year old Sawyer Croyle celebrates his birthday with a catch!

and facial expression. The next day, Brodie was taking Sawyer to kindergarten at Westbrook Christian School, and Sawyer said,

“Daddy, I will never, ever be 4 again!”

Brodie called me after he dropped Sawyer at school and shared how those eight simple words put so much perspective on how important each and every day is with our children. What a point-blank reminder of how precious time really is!

As you go through these days of summer, the wisdom of a 5-year-old boy. You will never, ever get this day, this month, this year of your life, and your children’s lives, back. Make sure you are making the most of it!


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