Bringing Out The Winner

Recently, we attended an 11 and under baseball tournament where there were several very good teams playing, and it was very competitive. It was the kind of tournament you want to be in if your goal is to become a better athlete.


In one particular game, the starting pitcher struggled and could not throw a strike. We watched the head coach trying to figure out what to do. After he made his decision, he went to the mound and replaced the starting pitcher. All of a sudden, there was a loud commotion behind the dugout. The father of the starting pitcher was livid that his son was pulled from the game. He called the head coach off of the field, and they began a heated argument directly behind the dugout where the boys were sitting. The boy’s mother stood between the two men, trying to control her husband who was acting like a fool. My eyes went to the dugout where the players were sitting. The boy had his head down crying, not because he was replaced but because he was SO embarrassed.

I ask you one simple question, “How do you want your child and their friends to remember you?”

THINK before you act. Don’t let your emotions control you!


John Croyle headshotJohn Croyle, Founder, Big Oak Ranch

September 20 the Auxiliary of Big Oak Ranch presents an Evening with Amy Grant at the Samford Wright Center. All proceeds benefit the Ranch, www.bigoakauxiliary/2016fundraiser. Tickets available at, 726-2853.

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