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Binge Thinking

Every Family Deserves Hope


Here today, gone tomorrow. Out of sight, out of mind. Why is it that we can forget things in such rapid fashion? I share the ability with many of being able to forget things in a short amount of time until they seem more relevant to my immediate situation.

For example, what is the expiration date on your driver’s license? I have absolutely no idea, but once I realize the date of expiration is drawing near, then I seem to remember that date like I would my wife’s birthday. Or what about that little sticker you get each time you have your oil changed. Are you really mentally aware of how many miles you travel between oil changes? If it weren’t for those little stickers, maybe we might forget all together when we even had our oil changed last. There are so many things in life that we just tend to forget until it becomes urgent.

What about our walk with God? I may be the only one that turns up the heat between me and the Lord whenever the heat gets turned up on me, but maybe you’ve noticed in your own life the tendency to think much more about Him when you sense the need for His intervention. Maybe you realize that He is not quite the center once things get shaky, and you find yourself thinking about Him a little more often. Why is it we don’t think about Him as much when things are going well? Why do we binge think during tough times?

I am realizing more than ever the dangers of binge thinking. The God of the universe is too amazing to be placed on a shelf and only picked up when I need something from Him. Lord, let me not neglect You during the easy days. Please let me not forget You for even a moment.

By the way, have you changed the A/C filter at your home recently? Have you changed the batteries in your smoke alarms? …

Every Family Deserves Hope Micah TheFoundry HeadshotMicah Andrews, MPA, is CEO of the Foundry and has been in ministry for more than 25 years. His family worships at and serves through Church of the Highlands. The Foundry believes Every Family Deserves Hope and helps hundreds of families each year through Christ-centered recovery programs. To learn more or to get involved, please visit

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