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Best Books: Susanna Aughtmon

Risk More. Dream Bigger. Fear Less.


In his letter to the Christians of Rome, the Apostle Paul prayed that the God of hope would fill them with joy and peace, and that they would abound in hope. To abound in hope means to have more than enough, to have overflowing, over the top, audacious, beyond our wildest dreams hope. Paul believed the people of God should be a people of hope because it is embedded in the very nature of God. To live without hope is to live outside the presence of God, for He is a God of hope.

Susanna Aughtmon’s latest book, Hope Sings: Risk More. Dream Bigger. Fear Less. (Abingdon Press, $16.99), is an exhortation to place our hope in God, to dream bigger, to reach higher, and live bravely. We are the children of God, a God who loves us, fights for us, and sets us free. The laws of nature do not apply to Him, nor do our concepts of odds or probabilities. He calms storms and turns an ordinary lunch into a feast for thousands. He raises the dead, redeems the ungodly, and lavishes peace and grace upon us. God has a long history of being worthy of our faith and hope, and He has not changed.

For those who have reached their limit, exhausted by troubles and weary of the wrongness of life, Hope Sings is for you. For those who have fallen into despair, who have been beaten into a corner and feel like you have nowhere to turn, put your hope in God. You may have given up, but God hasn’t. Remember, yet again, who He is. Whisper your prayer one more time. Sing a song of boundless hope. We are the people of God, and hope is what we do!

Darrel Holcombe, Owner
Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts
Colonial Promenade, Alabaster

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