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Falling Free


screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-29-56-amFollowing Jesus can lead to forms of ruination. The abundant life Jesus promised has nothing to do with a nice house, financial security, or respectable social status. Since these things are unimportant to God, they should not be important to us. Unfortunately, they are. When the cost of discipleship requires sacrifice, when bank accounts are wrecked and lifestyles are disrupted, when the call of God leads us to give until it seems scandalously unwise, following Jesus can feel dangerous. Perhaps that’s why the just must live by faith, for without a deep trust in God’s presence and direction such sacrifices would be foolish indeed.

Shannan Martin had a happy life. She lived on a small farm, nurturing her family in a safe environment and worshiping God with those she loved. Then Jesus walked by and invited her to follow him and leave it all behind. Falling Free – Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted (Thomas Nelson, $16.99) is her story, one filled with decaying sidewalks and broken humans. Like the message of Jesus, it is subversive. In losing her life, she found it. In giving, she has received. In living with less, she found abundance and riches which money can’t buy.

Author: Shannan Martin

Falling into the will of God can be like jumping out of a plane. Screaming in terror and laughing with joyous exhilaration are both reasonable responses. The good news is that God knows it’s scary. Perhaps that’s why Jesus constantly told his followers not to be afraid. If God has called you to a new chapter in life, one that looks risky and filled with possible ruin, then Falling Free has a message you need to hear. Run to the battle. Take the plunge. Fall into the life God has called you. Let Him rescue you from the life you have and replace it with His dream for you.

Darrel Holcombe, Owner
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