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Thriving in Babylon


Remember the days when we mobilized our churches as political weapons? Well, the war is over. We lost. 9781434704214_3DAnd maybe we deserved to lose. Maybe we forgot that putting our faith in political power instead of the power of Pentecost is nothing less than idolatry. Maybe it’s time the Bride of Christ stopped flirting with suitors who promise to meet all our needs in accordance to their riches in government. Maybe, instead of trying to change a nation via an election, we thrived as the Church by doing the slow work of making disciples.

LarryOsborneIn his latest book, Thriving in Babylon (David C. Cook Publishing, $15.99), Larry Osborne uses the story of Daniel to encourage Christians to thrive, not just survive, in an increasingly non-Christian culture. Even though Daniel found himself in a society embedded in sin and evil, he lived a long and influential life. He used wisdom, knowing when to stand his ground and when to offer his services on behalf of a pagan king. He lived in hope, even though the circumstances around him made our national problems look like child’s play. Daniel also lived in humility, knowing when to show respect for others and when to stand his ground. Daniel knew how to live in the midst of an ungodly empire as a citizen of God’s kingdom.

The message of Thriving in Babylon is one American Christians need to hear. It urges us to thoughtfully and faithfully engage the culture around us. We can’t ghetto ourselves into a Christian bubble and expect to be the salt of the earth. Nor can we baptize our nationalism and political affiliations. It is a delicate balance, and Larry Osborne explains how Daniel did it well.

As our nation moves deeper into one of the most bizarre election seasons of my lifetime, we can choose to roll up our sleeves and thrive or sit around and whine. Thriving in Babylon reminds us that our allegiance to Jesus and his kingdom should over-ride everything else, including our patriotism, economic aspirations, and political orientation. Our salvation does not rest in the hands of Donald or Hilary. It rests in Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

–   Darrel Holcombe, Owner
Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts
Colonial Promenade, Alabaster

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