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Benefits of High Powered Nutrition

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Are you, or anyone you know, praying for better health? Our bodies are miracles!  All we need to do is take a moment to think about all the different functions of the body and how it all works together. It’s amazing! God gave us a gift and it’s our responsibility to take good care of it. A big road block can be processed foods. They contain chemicals used to manipulate growing more, bigger, prettier food. They’re fast and easy but we all know we aren’t getting the nutrition our bodies need from it! The proof is in the high rate of diabetes, cancer, obesity, autism and more…. You know the list! And the prescription drugs we take can mask those symptoms, help us feel better short term, but what about the side effects? You’ve seen the commercials. It’s scary. Giving our bodies high powered fuel, high powered nutrition, not only benefits us, but is our responsibility as recipients of the gift we’ve been given.

I have, personally, been taking high powered nutritional products for 9 years. I needed hope. I’ve experienced relief from many issues including allergies, chronic diarrhea, thyroid issues, muscle spasms as well as lifeline anxiety and panic attacks. My anxiety issues started with an ongoing trauma when I was very young. I can remember having daily panic attacks since I was 2 years old. It was awful. As an adult I tried psychiatrists, psychologists, medication, meditation and much more. Nothing helped. It was paralyzing both physically and emotionally. I missed so much of my family’s life. When a friend told me about this nutrition, I was very impressed. Patented as food, no warning labels, and the science and research behind it was easy for me to comprehend. She didn’t give me any promises, again our bodies are the miracle, but I understood it. And my life changed. I’m forever grateful. There aren’t enough words to express it. I have been able to take responsibility for this gift I was given by feeding it properly. If you are interested in how high-powered nutrition may help you, call me. I’d be happy to share information.

Donna Darling


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