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Community Partner Logo 22 FINAL 1Brought to you by: Community Partner Scholarships for Kids

The Scholarships for Kids team are planners that take the responsibility of planning the futures of the students they serve very seriously. The community model of Scholarships for Kids offers students, parents, schools, and taxpayers ‘an in’ on one of the greatest opportunities to invest in our future, and it’s an opportunity that doesn’t cost the Alabama taxpayer a dime. The team has a responsibility to donors to utilize funds donated by Alabama taxpayers toward the education of Alabama’s children.

Scholarships for Kids is a community of fundraisers that cannot do this without support. To ensure that parents and schools can plan accordingly, funds donated in any given calendar year are reserved for the next academic year. This budgeting gives families, schools, and donors peace of mind that the Scholarships for Kids team is accountable for the funds they are tasked to handle.

Scholarships for Kids partner schools establish a safe, welcoming, and culturally diverse environment where students can thrive academically, spiritually, and socially. Scholarships for Kids students work hard not only to succeed in a new environment but to overcome challenges they have faced that many will never fully understand. Despite these challenges, they are rising to the occasion as leaders and becoming Student Government Association presidents, salutatorians, and student athletes. They are finding where they fit in, and they are better for it. 

Scholarships for Kids looks to parents to have skin in the game. This means that no matter the tuition amount, parents are responsible for a portion of their child’s tuition. They too are partners in this process. They are transferring due to safety concerns, or because they see a special quality in their child that should be fostered in a different kind of environment. It’s the ultimate team effort, and it’s making a difference in the future of Alabama.

There is only one way you or your business can tell the state of Alabama how to spend your tax dollars and that is by redirecting up to 100% of your state tax liability. These are tax dollars you already must send to the state, and through the Alabama Accountability Act, you can help give school choice opportunities to students from low-income households. This is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit meaning you get back every dollar you invest in this program! For more information, call 205-246-5613 or visit †

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