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<em>Youth from around the state gathered for the recent ReThink Conference in Birmingham that showcased philosophical, theological and apologetic topics.</em>
Youth from around the state gathered for the recent ReThink Conference in Birmingham that showcased philosophical, theological and apologetic topics.

We are accustomed to think of today’s youth as rash, impulsive and given to desultory grandeur. However, today’s Christian young adults are living in the same tension most of us deal with daily: a pressure to live a life for Christ in a western world that is increasingly secular and at best haunted by a Christian past. What I witnessed April 21st and 22nd at Briarwood’s ReThink youth apologetic conference was a generation aching for purpose and significance in light of their devotion to Christ.  Over 1600 people attended the two-day conference that showcased philosophical, theological, and apologetic topics. It was satisfying to see such interest in Christian learning and the attendance was remarkable considering the bevy of activities in central Alabama.

Briarwood, by organizing the event, understood the importance of helping Christian youth think deeply about their faith. By bringing in world-class educators they, as well as the sponsor partners, showed a continuing commitment to promoting a deep solid faith among our youth. I had the pleasure in talking with many parents and young adults at the event and the serious staunchness to Christianity was evident and astounding. It is nice to witness the handy-work of God as he constantly raises up able and willing Christians to be ambassadors to the world. The work, however, in our state has only started.  We need to be ever mindful of how our culture is changing even in the deep-south. Bemoaning how things should be or were in the past is not helpful to the church’s evangelical mission. If Rethink taught me anything, it’s that there are young people out there that are serious Christians and they want to make a real difference in their community, country and world. We as Christian adults need to turn our attention toward our youth and create environments where they can think deeply and honestly about their Christian faith. We must remember that our Christian worldview is powerfully comprehensive and consistent when it comes to answering life’s biggest questions. More importantly, we must live out these commitments in our own lives and devote ourselves to seeking after God with our minds and showcasing it in our character. We should view the Rethink conference as an important step toward our state’s commitment to the Christian faith. Learn more at

– Matthew Burford, President/Founder


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