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“Walk through” some of the most significant sites and times in our American history, while enjoying the beautiful grounds of the American Village in Montevallo, Ala. It’s free for the whole family during the months of August and September. Just stop by anytime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Here are just a few of the campus highlights you will experience.

Washington Hall at American VillageOn the East side of Constitution Green is Washington Hall.  Inspired by George Washington’s Mount Vernon home, the Hall is the centerpiece of the American Village campus, and the primary building used for programming. Like Mount Vernon, its exterior is covered with wooden blocks cut to look like stone (known as “rustication”). The open-air colonnades were a feature designed by Washington himself. 

Veterans Shrine at American VillageThe National Veterans Shrine and Register of Honor is located in Independence Circle and honors those in every generation who served and sacrificed for America and for liberty. Its exterior is patterned after Philadelphia’s Carpenters Hall. Through art, sculpture, graphics and multimedia technology, the Veterans Shrine explores the questions “Who are our veterans?”, “What did they do for our country?”, and “What do we owe them?”. Outside the Shrine is the bronze statue Liberty Uniting the Colonies. Beneath the statue is enshrined hallowed ground taken from over 30 battlefields where American men and women gave the last full measure of devotion for their country.

Liberty Bell at American VillageThe Liberty Bell Garden contains a full-sized replica of the Liberty Bell. Read its surprising story on the plaque as you enter. The Garden is just across the street from the Lucille Ryals Thompson Colonial Chapel inspired by Bruton Parish Church of Williamsburg, Virginia. The antique pulpit was acquired from an Anglican church in England. 

Assembly Room at American VillageThe Assembly Room, inspired by Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, is a replica of where both The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America were adopted. The room’s focal point is the Rising Sun Chair where George Washington sat as the delegates debated the adoption of The Constitution. 

Oval Office at American VillageAnd you won’t want to miss the full-scale replica of The White House Oval Office. The outer gallery walls are lined with portraits and quotes of many United States Presidents. As you enter The Oval Office, pick up a sheet that tells about the room and includes a scavenger hunt on the back.

The American Village is located a short drive from Birmingham at 3727 Highway 119 South, Montevallo, Ala. Learn more at www.americanvillage.org or on their Facebook page. †

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