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Accept the Life Line with John Croyle

Bringing Out the Winner


I recently read a story about a family vacationing near Panama City Beach that was trapped on a sandbar out in the ocean. A potentially deadly riptide was apparently keeping them from getting to shore. A group of approximately 70 people saved the day by forming a human chain to help the family return to safety.

Stop and think for a minute – what if no one had seen them? Worse still, what if they saw them and ignored the situation? It could have been catastrophic! Fortunately, they saw the family was trapped, and they went into action immediately to help save them.

What else had to happen for there to be a happy ending to this story? Once these people went to all the trouble of trying to help this family, what if the family had not reached out to the lifeline and accepted it?

Perhaps you or a member of your family feels trapped. Reach out for help. Trust me – there are people who want to help you. There are organizations and professionals that would be very happy to help you and your family reach safety. It’s not a sign of weakness to admit that your family might need help. As a matter fact, it is our duty as the leaders of our family to reach out when we know that there’s trouble and we’re in over our head.

It takes a wise person to admit they need help. Let’s be wise because our families are counting on us!

John Croyle, Founder, Big Oak Ranch 

Author, Who You Are/Defying the Circumstances that Define Us, Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child, The Two Minute Drill to Manhood and Raising a Princess,

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