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A Life Roadmap: David Lamb’s 5 Pillars

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Do you feel stuck in life? Do you struggle to find your place or connect with others? Author and veteran newscaster David Lamb has written a book for you. 5 Pillars: How to Find Your People, Place and Purpose is a roadmap for overcoming life setbacks and living a full life. 

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Although a short read, 5 Pillars is is packed with thought provoking content. Learn more at www.authordavidlamb.com.

Lamb wrote 5 Pillars after his brother, Mike, passed away four years ago. “This is the book I wished I would have had to give him,” Lamb says, adding that his brother suffered personal breaks in life, battled depression, and never truly found his way. After his passing, Lamb was angry at others and at God. “His death just did not make sense to me. I really struggled with it,” Lamb says. One day, he realized if he didn’t “do something with this, it’s going to eat me alive.” He started looking for something good to come out of his loss. 

“I wrote the book that I wished I had had to give to Mike,” Lamb shares. In 5 Pillars, readers will find five pillars that Lamb believes if you center your life around, you will be on the way to a successful and fulfilling life. “I think these five areas, if you can focus your attention and get these five areas right, you’re going to have a life that you are grateful for.” The five pillars found in the book are:

1. Compelling Vision

2. Healthy Lifestyle

3. Rich Relationships

4. Fulfilling Career

5. Big Mission

David Lamb
You may recognize David Lamb from CBS 42 where he is a Senior Reporter. He and his wife Sonya recently moved back to the Magic City from Montgomery to be closer to family.

In the book, Lamb shares real life stories of people who have struggled and conquered these five areas.  The book writing process “started with a prayer for God to lead me,” Lamb shares. He prays that everyone that reads his book is encouraged and learns to lean into hope. Learn more about 5 Pillars at www.authordavidlamb.com

-Melissa Armstrong

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