Detective Lowery with Chief Flynn

A Life of Service to Area Children: Detective of the Year, Kenny Lowery

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Being a law enforcement officer isn’t simply a job for Detective Kenny Lowery; it’s a calling. Recently recognized as Detective of the Year for the Helena Police Department, he has served in law enforcement for 23 years- five years with the City of Birmingham and 19 years with Helena.

Detective Lowery with Chief Flynn
Compact Detective Kenny Lowery was recently named Detective of the Year for the Helena Police Department. He is seen here (on right) with Chief Brad Flynn accepting his award at the 2022 Shelby County Chamber Public Safety Awards Ceremony. “I am very proud of the work and dedication of Detective Lowery. He truly has a passion to help children and from his many years serving as an SRO, to his current assignment with Compact, he has positively impacted literally hundreds of children’s lives,” Chief Flynn says.

Most of Detective Lowery’s time with the City of Helena has been spent serving  as a School Resource Officer (SRO) at Helena area schools including Helena Intermediate School and Helena Middle School. “During my SRO time, I was mentoring kids, building relationships between law enforcement and the students, and getting to know the families in the community,” Detective Lowery says, adding that he loved being an SRO. His children joke that he is a celebrity in Helena because he knows so many families in the community.  

In November 2021, Detective Lowery continued as a member of the Helena force but transitioned to a new role with Compact 2020. He explains that Chief Brad Flynn of the Helena Police Department approached him telling him of an open position with Compact. “It was a tough decision for me because I loved what I was doing at the school and the relationship with the administration,” Detective Lowery says. After learning about the position at Compact, he realized that the new position would be very similar to his job as an SRO. “The only difference was I wouldn’t be at just one school, I would go to multiple schools in Shelby County and expand the relationships I’ve made throughout the county,” he explains. When he looked at the new position in this light, he felt it was the right move. 

Compact is a prevention, intervention, and education group. “We are a group of detectives and officers from different agencies in Shelby County with the goal to educate kids about things that may affect them negatively in life,” Detective Lowery says, adding, “examples include drugs, alcohol, and mental health.” By raising awareness of risk factors and providing intervention for any child and their family who needs support, Compact seeks to offer resources for families in Shelby County. Compact also goes into area schools and educates students on the effects of vaping, social media, and more. To learn more about Compact, visit

-Melissa Armstrong

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