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A Journey of Faith: Beeson Lay Academy of Theology Fall 2018

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Looking for an opportunity to delve into the truth of God’s Word and grow in your Christian faith? Beeson Divinity School’s Lay Academy of Theology is offering non-credit classes and other study opportunities to the community this fall. Each course will be led by Beeson faculty on the campus of Samford University in Homewood. Here’s a peak at a few of the courses.

Dr. Piotr Malysz
Dr. Piotr Malysz

The Holy Spirit. Under the leadership of Dr. Piotr Malysz, this class will engage in an exciting study of the third member of The Trinity and examine the biblical foundations of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Then, beginning with the New Testament and moving on to the period of the early church, participants will look at some of the debates and controversies surrounding the Holy Spirit, such as the Spirit’s divinity and His role in creation, redemption, the believer’s life and the believing community, the Church. Last, but not least, the course will consider the Protestant reformers’ witness to the Spirit and offer some final contemporary theological reflection. “From the Old Testament account of creation to the New Testament announcement of the new creation, the Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit. He brooded over the waters when the world was made. He brought about the human conception of the Son of God for us and for our salvation. He is now being poured out on all flesh,” explains Dr. Malysz adding, “The Church’s ancient creed confesses the Holy Spirit as ‘the Lord and giver of life,’ recognizing his essential importance as a Person of the Godhead. Without the Spirit, there would be no life and no new life.” Learn more from Dr. Malysz on six Wednesday nights, 6-8 p.m., beginning September 26, 2018. Dr. Malysz (B.A., Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland; M.Div., Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN; Th.D., Harvard University) joined the faculty of Beeson Divinity School in 2011 and teaches Church History and Doctrine.

Dr. Syndney Park
Dr. Syndney Park

1 Peter: The Character of Heirs Amid Persecution.This course will examine in depth the privilege, as well as the burden, of Christian calling. Dr. Sydney Park will guide participants through the apostle Peter’s first epistle, in which he addresses the real persecution that the early Christian church faced at the beginning of its history and encourages believers with the counter-intuitive and counter-cultural perspective. “Participants will gain a deeper appreciation of the Christian calling to a holy life, particularly, in light of suffering,” explains Dr. Park. Learn from Dr. Park on six Tuesday nights, 6-8 p.m., beginning September 25, 2018. Dr. Park (B.A., University of Chicago; M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary; Th.M., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, Scotland) joined the Beeson Divinity School faculty in 2006 and teaches Biblical Interpretation, New Testament Theology and Greek.

Learn more about these courses as well as other seminar and lecture opportunities through Beeson Divinity School at call 205-726-2338. On-line registration is also available on the website and a discounted rate for courses ($89) is offered for early registration. †

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