Youth News Foster Dudley Key to Hoover 1.21.2020

4th Grader Receives Key to City of Hoover

Youth News

Youth News Foster Dudley
Foster Dudley and Ms. Verdina Ball in Target.

What would you do if you found an envelope containing $900 in cash, along with a credit union receipt, while shopping at Target? Well, if you’re Foster Dudley, fourth grade student at Prince of Peace Catholic School (POP), you do the right thing. According to Foster’s mom, Parisa Dudley, his first response was, “Mom, can we keep it?” She told him to put himself in the shoes of the person who lost it. What if he had lost that much money? How would he feel? Foster quickly answered, “Mom, we have to find her and give it back.”

Youth News Foster Dudley Key to Hoover
Foster Dudley receives a key to the City of Hoover at a recent City Council meeting. Front row (L to R): Paul Dudley, Kati Horton, Foster Dudley, Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato, Connie Angstadt, Parisa Dudley. Back row (L to R): Hoover City Council members Mike Shaw, John Lyda, Curt Posey, Gene Smith, John Greene, Derrick Murphy, Casey Middlebrooks.

Foster and his parents, Parisa and Paul, approached Hoover West Target store manager Jeremy Walker and asked for his help. Walker contacted the Hoover Police who were able to locate the owner from the deposit slip. Two days later, Foster and his family were back at Target to meet the envelope’s owner, Ms. Verdina Ball. She was overjoyed to get the envelope back. Foster received a reward of a $100 Target gift card and a key to City of Hoover from Mayor Frank Brocato at a recent City Council meeting. This is only the second key that Mayor Brocato has presented! POP School Principal Connie Angstadt and Foster’s fourth grade teacher Kati Horton were present at the ceremony along with Foster’s parents and grandparents Thomas and Terry Dudley. †

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