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4 Ways to Make a Roofing Project Less Disruptive for Tenants

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A roof replacement on a residential building means disruption to its occupants. Usually, building owners and tenants understand that roofing jobs are part of the structure’s upkeep and may cause some distractions. Here are four ways to make your project less disruptive to your tenants.

1. Explain the Process. Your tenants don’t need to know the specifics of your project. However, you should let them know how the process will affect them and their daily routines. Notify them how long the project might take, including the estimated start and end date. Tell them about the kinds of noise, smells and debris they should expect. You also need to inform tenants about possible parking restrictions, inaccessible building areas and if the HVAC system will be off.

2. Building Access. Ask your roofing contractor to avoid using building stairwells and main elevators as much as possible. Use a hydraulic lift to bring materials to the rooftop if no service elevator is available. Try to end work before people start going home after 5 p.m. It’s important to wait until people are awake before starting to work.

3. Noise Reduction. Noise is unavoidable during roofing projects. Loud noises are disruptive for people who want to work or rest. You can reduce noise by installing materials that require less hammering or the use of loud equipment. Instead of yelling at each other, have roofers walk over to other coworkers or use their mobile devices when they need to talk.

4. Fumes, Odor and Dust. Roofing materials rarely create harmful and bothersome fumes or odors. Provide your tenants with information on the safety of the products you’ll use. Discuss special precautions taken to prevent exposure to fumes. The impact of odors and fumes can be reduced by placing roofing kettles downwind of the building. Keep the kettle temperature as low as possible to prevent excess fumes. Keep the lid sealed at all times and close air intakes of windows downwind from them. Turning off the HVAC system will also minimize the spread of fumes.

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