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#1 Intimacy with the Lord: Kingdom Building in Crisis

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KB Gameplan CoverGod. Family. Mission. The life of a Kingdom Builder involves stewarding all three, in perfect unity. It’s about living a life that’s open-handed and open-hearted, freely giving of time and treasure. And through that generosity, God uses such stewards for His purposes on the Earth. But what does this look like in a time of crisis- when so much is unknown in our world and it can feel as if there’s zero stability? Perhaps it’s in these seasons when building the Kingdom becomes center stage again. In our former non-2020 lives, we maxed out our schedules, traveled freely, and had endless social options. While the pandemic has wreaked havoc on our world, it has also brought us a much-needed opportunity to refocus. To redirect our attention back on what really matters: God. Family. Mission.

You see, anyone can lead in a season of plenty, but those who are connected in mind, body, and spirit with the Lord are able to lead and give wholeheartedly in the times of crazy. They are still full of faith and their perspective remains peaceful. They have God-sized dreams complete with wisdom and strategy. In times of fear and stretching, the world is crying out even more for hopeful leadership and generous hearts. And those who live with an overflow from their intimacy with God are positioned to help and influence.

Here’s more good news: it’s a fresh year. Yes, we are still facing big challenges, but that doesn’t mean we pause and grit our teeth until easier times arrive. Instead, we use this time to reset our attention, quiet our minds, get in the Word, listen, and make courageous goals to live with mission. I have no doubt that as you spend more time with God and allow Him to reveal His heart, you will gain greater clarity and vision for 2021. Maybe you’ll have new business ideas or receive supernatural solutions to challenging obstacles. Most likely, you’ll be stirred to serve and give more. May this season be eternally fruitful as you refocus and make more time with your biggest Source of love, strength, and purpose. For more resources on how to prioritize time with God and an easy game plan to follow weekly, check out the KB Gameplan at www.kingdombuilders.us.

Lee Domingue Head Shot-Lee Domingue 

Legacy Pastor, Church of the Highlands, www.churchofthehighlands.com

Founder, Kingdom Builders, www.kingdombuilders.us

Author of KB Gameplan, Kingdom Builders Devotional

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