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Using “PACES for Parents” to Protect Your Teenagers from Substance Abuse

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All teenagers face temptation and peer pressure with alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. The risk is higher when issues like insecurity, anxiety, or depression amplify their need to fit in or feel better for a while. The question parents should ask themselves is: Will I protect my kids from the risks they will face or do nothing and hope it doesn’t happen?  

Research validates that parents play a huge role in choices their children make. If you have kids in or near high school, you owe it to them to help them safely navigate the teenage years. The stakes are high, because 75% of high schoolers experiment with substances, and 40% abuse them. About 1 in 7 struggle with addiction, and 90% of them start before age 18. I know, because I’ve been there as a teenager who drank and a parent of a teenager with drug issues. Traumatic experiences in my family led me to found STEPS Proactive Parenting, and we have worked with hundreds of Birmingham parents who have been where you are.

Now, we are announcing “PACES for Parents” to protect your teenagers from substance abuse and other issues. It features proven, science-based and Christian principles you can learn at home. And if you want local in-person or Zoom coaching, that’s available too. The “PACES for Parents” online program provides:

Preparation: Become proactive and prepared to protect your kids from substance abuse.

Awareness: Be aware of what your kids are going through and challenges they face.

Connection: Deepen and strengthen your relationship with your son or daughter.

Education: Equip your kids to deal with life issues and situations they will face.

Steps: Build a plan to help them become the man or woman they are meant to be.

The “PACES for Parents” online program is available now. Click here for more details.

Your son or daughter can remain safe and happy during the teenage years, and you can sleep well at night. But it’s up to you to take the next step.

Parenting Points Steps Ministry head shot Steve Ward 3-Steve C. Ward

Executive Director, STEPS Ministries

Author of STEPS: A Daily Journey to a Better Life

STEPS Ministries provides training, coaching, and online content to equip parents to help their kids improve their lives, grow closer to God, and prevent addiction.

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