Rob Compton with Family

The Power of Community Prayer

Miracle Moments
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“Jesus said, ‘Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God.’” John 11:40

At Grace Klein Community (GKC), we believe in miracles and see them every day. With a community of thousands of volunteers, we cannot post all the prayer needs on our social media platforms.

Some days, however, God impresses on our hearts that the time is now to engage the entire community. January 27, 2021, was one of those days. Long-term volunteer Rob Compton was in the hospital with COVID and pneumonia. The doctors told his wife, Kathy, that she had one day to get affairs in order and informed her that he would be on a ventilator the following day. The doctors said he had two to five days to live. Of course, Kathy never mentioned to anyone that the doctor gave Rob a death sentence. All she did was ask people to pray.

Rob Compton with Family
Grace Klein volunteer and COVID survivor, Rob Compton, believes in the power of prayer. He is seen here with his wife Kathy and two of their grandchildren.

Though we did not know the severity of the situation, we knew in our hearts to use our social media platforms to rally prayer. Rob shared his testimony just one week prior- when GKC hosted a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) serve team from Texas- and many in attendance were new believers. We asked them to pray for God to heal Rob. We knew Rob would experience healing in heaven or if he walked out of the hospital. But we fervently prayed God would heal Rob here on earth and grow the faith of the YWAM team and other Grace Klein Community members.

After hundreds of people prayed globally, Rob slept on his stomach for the first time since contracting COVID and pneumonia. Overnight, his oxygen levels rose to 90 when they had been in the mid-80s for three days. Coincidence? Not a chance. We witness the power of God when His people pray.

On the day the doctors said Rob would be dead, he was discharged and walked out of the hospital. Rob is alive! Guess what? Due to bad weather, the YWAM team came back through Birmingham, and as they all sat on the floor, with Rob’s voice still raspy, he told them about the faithfulness of God. He heard people flat-lining all around him and knew the doctor did not think he would live, but he survived by the grace of God and the prayers of the saints. Often GKC is known for feeding people or food rescue, but we hope we will go down in history as an organization that believed God and saw Him do the impossible every day. All glory to God!

-Jenny Waltman
Founder, Grace Klein Community

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