Taylor Woodard

Scholarship Finalist: Taylor Woodard

Taylor Woodard Headshot Appalachian HS
Taylor Woodard attends Appalachian High School in Oneonta, Ala.

My faith in God throughout my high school career has been the most important structure and stronghold in my life. Whether I was in the classroom or on the softball field, He was always there keeping my mind right and my trust in Him strong. I participate in a program for elementary kids called the Big Brother Big Sister Organization. I have an assigned elementary student in fourth grade named Nolan. Every week I pull him out of his class and spend quality time with him. Although I have been blessed to have a loving home life, he has not. He did not grow up in church and did not know the Lord as I have come to know him. One week, right before Christmas, we were talking about all of our exciting plans for the holiday break. I told him one of my family’s traditions was reading the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible right before going to sleep on Christmas Eve. He then asked who Jesus was and for me to tell him the story. My heart sank because I had no idea that he had never went to church, heard about the grace of God, and most importantly, did not have a relationship with the Lord. I told him many stories that day. I told him about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Crucifixion, David and Goliath, John the Baptist, the 10 lepers, and the love that God had for him. Nolan, being in fourth grade, sat in awe. He took it all in and listened to every word I said. Since then, we do a bible study every week and he learns a little more about God’s grace and love. I am beyond thankful to be in the Big Brother Big Sister Program and that I got to witness to someone who is very dear to me. My faith in Christ gave me the strength to tell Nolan about God’s word to him that day. I will forever be grateful for the relationship I have with the Lord and the strength that He has given me. My witness to Nolan has not only impacted my high school career, but my life as a Christian. My Christian faith has impacted me in so many ways in high school, but this is one time that will forever be close to my heart.

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