Scholarship Finalist: Kinsleigh Sabo

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Scholarship Finalist Kinsleigh Sabo attends Thompson High School in Alabaster, Ala.

I have a strong belief that everything happens for a reason. God gives us exactly what we need, even if it is not always what we want. I am thankful for each challenge that God has placed in my life, because each has prepared me to better serve Him and others. Throughout high school, I was blessed to play volleyball. Volleyball was much more than a sport in my life, it provided a family of friends, a direction, accountability and much joy. As a freshman, I was chosen to play an important role on our varsity team. Even being the only freshman, God provided me opportunities to demonstrate strength and leadership. Towards the end of the season, upon landing from a hit, my left knee buckled and my entire leg went numb. The next morning, I was told that my ACL was torn. After surgery, a six month rehabilitation began. The recovery process was grueling, as I spent most days in physical therapy relearning actions like walking, jumping, and running. I stayed strong in my faith and was certain God’s plan for my volleyball story was not over. I would write bible verses on my hand every day to remind myself that God was bigger than the challenges and heartbreak I was facing. I battled back and earned a spot to play for my high school team again.

As I began my junior year and considered college volleyball possibilities, the unbelievable happened. As I collided with one of my teammates, I knew I had torn my right ACL. Although I knew physically what the surgery and rehab would entail, I could not prepare for how difficult it would be mentally. I questioned why God was letting me go through all of this again, but I knew overcoming the challenge was bigger than playing volleyball again. My physical therapist told me something that gave me a realization for my future. She looked at me and said, “God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life.” He gave me the strength to return to my team for an amazing senior season, but more importantly redirected my life to the path He has planned for me. I am doing what I possibly can to earn scholarships for my undergraduate studies, with the goal to become a physical therapist-as God has written the story for my life.

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